Hello, bright and sensitive one...

Let's help you break free from the overwhelm and anxiety that limits your life so that you can start thriving with freedom and passion! You were meant to express yourself and your unique gifts and talents - the creativity you were born with - with joy, not fear.


Hi there. I'm Rene.

I help creative professionals who feel limited by fear or other difficult emotions freely express themselves through their natural gifts and talents so they can fully enjoy creating and sharing their best work - and feel fulfilled.

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The world needs more of you.

We need your sensitivity. We need your compassion. We need your passion. We need your talent, your art... and your heart. We need your self-expression... your beautiful gifts.

Let's get you from here... 

I'm so stressed out.

I feel anxious too much of the time.

I have to have things just right.

I have trouble sleeping before important events.

I have a hard time staying in the present moment.

I sometimes have racing thoughts.

Anxiety-related compulsions exhaust me.

I feel so alone.

I want people to see the real me, without this anxiety.

I seem to have more self-doubt than self-confidence.

My creativity often suffers because I'm distracted by fear.

I worry about what other people think.

I lose my train of thought during episodes of anxiety and panic.

I often find myself in judgment mode.

I feel ashamed of my anxiety, so I don't talk about it.

I sometimes feel like I don't fit in.

Any of that feel familiar?

If so, you're in the right place, my friend. I've got your back.

To here...

I live with a greater sense of freedom.

I feel peaceful, graceful and whole.

I'm more confident and self-assured.

I attract the right people and make friends more easily.

I feel free from the grip of anxiety, worry, and angst.

I sleep better, even before an important event.

I'm present and focused.

Negative thoughts stick less and bounce more.

I'm much less judgmental of myself and others.

I feel and share more joy and happiness.

I'm so much more creative.

I feel refreshed with a new sense of clarity.

A few kind words from others...

Rene is sincere, personable, and compassionate... an awesome person to confide in and get sound advice from.

- Nitara Osbourne, Award-Winning Writer

Rene has a fantastic smile, which goes with her attentive listening and fun-loving laugh and energy. Her work ethic is awesome! She likes to work until she feels it’s great - always looking for better... She makes others feel special.

- Kevin Phipps, Writer/Director/Coach


I know Rene to be extremely consistent, endowed with a large degree of fairness, and very talented... she’s also a hard worker.

- Donna DeCarl, Master Acting Coach

Rene is exuberant, imaginative, and friendly. She has a positive energy that makes her a delight to be around, she knows no limits to creativity, and she is no stranger to strangers.

- Danny Raustadt, Photographer/Videographer


Enough holding yourself back already. Let's do this!

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