Just Say, โ€œThanks. It Was a Gift.โ€

Tired of people saying you’re too sensitive? I get it.

As fairly sensitive people, we know all too well the challenges we’ve had to endure throughout the course of our life.

And while these experiences are valid and shouldn’t be disregarded, it’s important to know that our sensitivity also comes with many beautiful gifts.

Things that we may take for granted, believing that they’re the status quo. Things we think that anyone who doesn’t suffer from the same level of sensitivity as we do experiences as the norm.

But that’s not the case. Just because people who aren’t as sensitive as we are may not experience the same types of challenges to the same extent we do, it doesn’t mean their lives are devoid of problems.

No one is immune from challenges, and no one has only gifts. So, let’s accept and appreciate the gifts that come with being the sensitive souls we are.

Here are a few examples of challenges you may be facing, as well as gifts you likely possess – gifts that come naturally to you.


You’re easily overwhelmed or over-stimulated. You take in so much information (both external and internal) that your stress and anxiety levels increase. You may need more alone time to refresh your mind and spirit, or even decide to forego an experience that once would’ve brought you a sense of freedom and adventure. 

You absorb others’ emotions and energy. You internalize the feelings of others based on their mood, words, or body language, including their facial expressions. When something coming from them doesn’t feel good or right, you may feel it both emotionally and physically in your body. (For me, it quickly manifests in my gut.)

You can be overly analytical. This may lead to endless waiting for things to be perfect – because we know that just doesn’t happen. Or, you could experience excessive stress and anxiety from people or situations you feel are just too much for you to handle. You may even feel as if you’re being violated.

Can you relate to any of this?

Now, let’s move on to the gifts. Ah, yes… the gifts!


You’re emotionally aware. You have a stellar ability to pick up on nuances. You’re usually very caring and attentive to people and tasks. Likely, you’re an employer’s dream! And as a parent, you tend to be quite nurturing. Your ability to be creative is real, and you affect the people and world around you for the better, one inspired act at a time.

You’re a good listener and make a great conversationalist. Based on your keen awareness of topics of interest and what’s going on in the world around you, you’re able to be highly engaged in - and stimulated by - meaningful conversations.

You have sincere empathy toward others. Being a good listener, combined with your heightened ability to realize when others are experiencing difficult emotions - without them verbalizing it - you give off a warm, friendly, and approachable vibe. Basically, people like being around you!

So, let’s not be so hard on ourselves. Let’s recognize that our sensitivity is truly a gift - one to be shared, freely and fully.

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