A New Paradigm for a Better Life

woman meditating in nature

As human beings, we tend to hide what we consider personal weakness. Let's face it. Society's taught us to do this from such a young age.

  • Don’t cry. Don’t be afraid. Be strong! 
  • That's weird. You're weird.
  • You're going to wear that? Did you see what she was wearing?
  • You need a haircut. Don't cut your hair!
  • You have a weird laugh. You walk funny.
  • You're too loud. You're too quiet.
  • She's so plain. She wears too much makeup.
  • Did she put on weight? She's so skinny!
  • You don't fit in. You're not welcome here.

And the sad list goes on.

But think for a minute...

What if hiding or burying our perceived weakness is actually the weakness itself?

Take an accolade for an actor...

Oh, you were so strong in that performance... opening yourself up like that... putting yourself out there to be so vulnerable. That was amazing!

So, what’s really the strength here?  Just a little paradigm shift to consider.

The way I see it, the real strength is in our vulnerability. It's in our humanness. 

I’m not saying we should go around constantly wearing our heart on our sleeve, but isn’t it just as unattractive to appear completely void of real emotion?

We owe it to ourselves and each other to really be okay with being human. With showing our vulnerability. With being real.

And though there’s a point at which too much vulnerability could be unhealthy, the same's true when we try to hide our true self for the sake of appearances.

That’s also when we feel a disconnect within ourself. And, when we constantly hide who we are, we perpetuate the cycle.

Look at society now. There’s so much violence out there. Violence whose source is fear alone. And we’re realizing we’ve got to do something about it. We’ve got to do something to save ourselves from imploding.

More and more of us now turn to tools like meditation, yoga, energy work, personal coaching, increased exercise, spending more time in nature, and even regular affirmations (yes, they work) - all which help us understand and cope with our own human nature.

For the most part, we as society realize that war, struggle, self-hatred and subsequent hatred of others have to stop. We know we need to stop the downward spiral of fear.

A thank you to those who are unafraid to show their humanity! Through their sharing, they give everyone else permission to do the same, to show their own true strength - which is us at our core.  

So, what are we at our core? We’re love. We’re joy. We’re happiness, contentment, excitement, ease... We're everything that we're seeking. 

We all just want to be what we already are, what we were born into this world carrying inside us that was and is always there for access. 

We just have to peel off a few layers. And as we do, we’ll see our brightness show through more and more. 

We’ll see war, struggle, self-hatred and the subsequent hatred of others (all forms of fear) lessen and lessen.

And we’ll experience more and more contentment, joy, and peace (all forms of love), which is what we all really want to perpetuate, right?

We don’t just want it, we need it. We crave it. Why? Because it’s our innate being.

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